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24 Hour Emergency Service: 24 hour emergency telephone support is available. Phone MICA Controls Support desk for details.

Need to calculate flow through a valve? Need an actuated ball valve? See the automated valve and control experts at Mica Controls. 

Mica Controls is an instrumentation and control company and we're experts in automated valves and controls. From an actuated ball valve to venturi nozzle design, Mica Controls has a solution to your problem. Automated valves and controls are integral in the industrial process, in oil and gas, water treatment, and even in your home or office building.

In an automated valve control system, you may need to calculate flow through a valve. Without accurate control valve flow calculation, results from your automated valve and control system can be erratic. We stock the biggest name in flow computers, Dynamic Flow Computer, compatible with orifice, v-cone, wedge and venturi nozzle designs. Suitable for liquids and gases, the modern flow computer calculates flow through a valve and makes control valve flow calculations accurately and reliably.

Many instrumentation and control companies can provide products like an actuated ball valve, but without process knowledge, and implementation experience, these vendors cannot help you solve your problems. Mica Controls can make implementing an automated valve and control system a painless procedure. Control is in our name, so trust Mica Controls as one of the leading instrumentation and control companies in Canada.

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