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See Mica Controls, the experts for flow meters in Canada.

If your industry deals with the measurement and transportation of liquids or gases, compensating calculated flow though a pipe to standard conditions is probably on your to-do list. To calculate flow through a pipe, you have a several optionsfew options including, VCone, Venturi,Orifice Plate, turbines,  positive displacement flow meters, and multiphase flow meters. Mica Controls is a leading provider of flow meters in Canada. When you need to calculate flow through a pipe for waste water, oil and gas or other process, we can find a solution.

Modern flow meters used in Canada include a volumetric flow calculator, which includes an audit trail for Directive 17 compliance. For accurate measurement, it is important that your system can calculate the flow through a pipe accurately even during extremely low flow rates. Work with Mica Controls to provide products and solutions for accurate, real-time flow measurment.

When dealing with valuable materials, the ability to measure and calculate the flow through a pipe is critical to your operation. Mica Controls has the tools to calculate flow through pipes, using VCone, Venturi, Orifice Plates, turbines, or  a positive displacement flow meter, or multiphase flow meter. Work with Mica Controls for state of the art volumetric flow calculators in the most advanced flow meters in Canada.

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