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R.S. Clare - Traffic Safety

RS Clare is in the business of Well Head Pressure Control (Valve Integrity) and Surface Safety. RS Clare manufactures anti-skid surface coating, and industrial lubricants. RS Clare was built on their long experience in grease manufacturing, by carving out niche markets for specialist lubricants in rail, upstream oil & gas, steel, marine and automotive industries throughout the world.

Oil & Gas

The integrity of well head pressure control valve equipment is a very important aspect of upstream field operations, ensuring the equipment works correctly, at all times.  Selecting the correct gate valve cavity lubricant can significantly influence their integrity, and regain lost integrity.

Valve Lubricant 601

This fully synthetic grease compound delivers both lubricating and sealing performance within a temperature range of -200F to 3500F.  601 is specially formulated to provide optimum resistance to aggressively produced fluids, gasses and process chemicals.  It is also proven to reduce valve failure in sand services and to seal leaking gate valves for sustained periods, where other valve lubricants have been unsuccessful.  It’s unique “wide application” capability means that operators can standardize on one lubricant on all wellhead and downstream flow control equipment.

Over numerous field trials, where 601 has been used in leaking valves, a success rate (valve now holding full pressure) of 70% has often been observed.  Valve Lubricant 601 is also available in Winter and Arctic grades, ideal for Canadian winters. 

601 Fluid

This viscous, synthetic ball valve lubricant that offers the same enhanced resistance to hydrocarbon fluids and gases as 601 Lubricant does for valves. 601 Fluid acts as a high pressure sealing compound without causing problems with the seat and seal arrangement, as greases and sealants would.

Valve Sealant 701

This heavy duty sealant used for more severely damaged sealing surfaces.  It out-performs any other sealant available on the market, with full resistance to all types of produced hydrocarbons and high levels of H2S and CO2. Valve Sealant 701 also performs highly with good lubricity and high adhesion.  You can also pump using your current specification grease injection equipment through API 6A grease injection fitting.

601 Cleaner

When performing valve repairs/refurbishment and in-situ maintenance, 601 Cleaner removes hydrocarbon resistant lubricants while flushing the valve.

Oilfield Lubrication Equipment

Available in a range of air, hydraulic and manually operated pump equipment.  All systems are specially configured to the client’s specifications and cover all container sizes, from cartridges to large drums.  Made-to-order systems can also be designed and built with self contained power units, for times when central air or hydraulic power supply isn’t available.

Wireline Fluids

RS Clare has built on the successes of its Valve Lubricants with the development of a family of Wireline Fluids. While each fluid meets RS Clare’s high performance standard, customers are able to choose one that meets their specific needs in a specific environment.


This Fluid is not prone to polymerisation, and can also be used on equipment and rig floors to keep them clean

V300 RLWI (Riserless Light Well Intervention) Wireline Fluid

Developed in association with a leading Subsea Intervention Equipment Manufacturer, this "Riserless Light Well Intervention” (RLWI) Wireline Fluid is also categorized as HOCNF Yellow, and is also suitable for low temperature applications.


When working in H2S environments, V1000 offers excellent corrosion protection, and is frequently used with Slickline to enhance the service life of the wire and provide protection, both running into the Well and later when spooled.


Semi-synthetic V1500 was developed for use in hotter climates, where greater viscosity is demanded.

Oil & Gas Product Spec Sheets for Download


R.S. Clare - Bimagrip

The BIMAGRIP range of slip and skid resistant surfacing systems are ideal for areas where high traction is required. It’s an excellent solution for marines, parkades, bridge deck surfacing and decorative surfacing.

The BIMAGRIP system comprises a polyurethane primer, a flexible fast cure polyurethane adhesive and a dressing of a selected, durable aggregate. There are two main grades to suit most site conditions - BIMAGRIP LS for extremely heavy traffic conditions and HD for medium conditions; both designed to give strength, flexibility and long-life durability.

BIMAGRIP is based upon state of the art polyurethane technology. The products are fast and straight forward to apply and treated surfaces may be reopened to full traffic just 2 hours following application. It’s extremely easy to maintain and repair, with no loss of performance characteristics guaranteed for a minimum of one year.


BIMAGRIP offers Ship Owners, Fleet Operators and Port Managers a low profile skid resistant surface on steel ramps and decks, ensuring safe and efficient loading/unloading of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The BIMAGRIP resin system also coats the steel surface for added corrosion protection, extending the service life of the steel substrate, as an added benefit.

SAFETY AT WORK PRODUCT - With none of the vibrations and wheel spin experienced with the traditional square bar metal anti skid systems, BIMAGRIP offers vehicle drivers a smooth, vibration-free ride with less wear and tear on their vehicles. Noise pollution is also significantly reduced. BIMAGRIP, a tried and tested surfacing product since the late 1980’s, has, since the mid 1990's become established in the marine new build sector for PCTC vessels. There are no competitive products or systems that come close to the track record that can be demonstrated for the BIMAGRIP system.


IDEAL SITES - Ramps and decks on RORO’s (roll-on/roll-off), linkspans, pontoons, PCTC (pure car/truck carrier), ferries, offshore platforms, helipads, passenger gangways. Bimagrip applications onto PCTC, RORO and Rapax vessels have been carried out in North America and throughout Europe and Asia.


The BIMAGRIP HD anti-skid surfacing system provides an excellent solution for the safety requirements of ramps and decks in multi-storey parkades. Its high level of slip, skid and abrasion resistance makes the parkade safer for both drivers and pedestrians. Using different coloured aggregates enable easy identification of driveways, parkways and walkways.

BIMAGRIP | Parking Lot & Bridge Deck Resurfacing

The range of slip and skid resistant surfacing systems also provide ideal solutions for the treatment of both vehicular and pedestrian bridge decks.

The products have a successful track record dating back to the first application carried out on a London footbridge in 1987 the surface remains in excellent condition and is available for inspection. In Canada, Vancouver’s Lionsgate Bridge is protected with Bimagrip.

BIMAGRIP | Parking Lot & Bridge Deck Resurfacing

The BIMAGRIP system is fully impervious to water, oil, fuel and de-icing salts. Your surface is protected and its longevity increased. The product is fast and straight forward to apply. Because of the very fast cure system, treated areas may be re-opened to traffic just 2 hours following application.

BIMAGRIP Product Spec Sheets for Download

Traffic Safety Division

The Traffic Safety Division of RS Clare manufactures a full range of thermoplastic road marking products to aid road safety. We supply our products to customer-specific requirements for a full range of screed, extrusion and spray applications, including the latest generation of heavy metal free and very high performance/enhanced durability road markings. We have wide experience in producing road marking products that perform well in the vast range of different global climates.

R.S. Clare - Traffic Safety

RS Clare absolutely refuses to compromise on raw material quality to ensure our products remain consistent to apply – day in, day out. The high quality speaks for itself!

All products are hot-applied thermoplastic material and fulfill specific requirements:

PLASTALINE For non-reflective screed of extrusion-applied road marking, cost-effective PLASTALINE is recommended. This high luminescence, non-reflective lining comes in white, yellow and heavy metal free yellow.
PLASTALUX Reflective screed or extrusion-applied road marking Plastalux (reflective grade) is high luminance (BSI certified from 70 to 200 mcd) and available in white, yellow and heavy metal free yellow.
PLASTASPRAY Spray-applied road marking Plastaspray is available from non-reflective to high reflective (up to 200 mcd). Available in white, yellow and heavy metal free yellow.
PLASTARIB This ribbed road marking gives both audible and physical warning to drivers. It is available in both reflective and non-reflective.
PLASTAGRIP TC This anti-skid, thermoplastic surfacing material is used for slowing traffic and decorative purposes. PLASTAGRIP TC It is heavy metal free and available in red and green. It conforms to all high friction skid standards and can be used for guard rails, traffic circles, bus stops and speed warning rumble strips.


The BIMAGRIP System is traditionally used with abrasion resistant aggregates to ensure slip and skid resistant surfaces. It has also recently been used along with their decorative aggregates in a variety of colours to produce safe yet aesthetically pleasing surfaces.

Areas treated in this way include:

  • Riverside Walkways
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Millennium Walkways

While keeping the appearance of a loose gravel path, everything stays put with Bimagrip’s flexible polyurethane adhesive application.

The fast cure nature of BIMAGRIP means treated surfaces can be reopened to the public just 2 hours after its application. The BIMAGRIP System can be applied to concrete, asphalt, timber and steel infrastructures.

BIMAGRIP | Decorative Resurfacing

Traffic Safety Product Spec Sheets for Download

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