ICL SCADA controllers help lower the cost of monitoring and controlling automated systems by integrating many aspects of efficient process management into a comprehensive all-in-one solution. Features include

  • Data logging and historical trending built in; safely store years of data and display it on demand
  • Integrated HMI Runtime and Editors, including cell phone, tablet and full-graphics Web interfaces
  • Alarm notification by text, voice or email, with no alarm dialer costs
  • Universal Inputs; accommodate multiple sensors and eliminate converter and transmitter costs
  • Simple On-line fill-in-the-blank configuration and no per-user license fees – fast, easy and cost-effective!
  • Ethernet, serial and wireless communications support; connect devices across virtually any network
  • On-line logic programming and debugging tools
  • I/O Expansion? just add more Modulus modules

Modulus SCADA controller modules utilize the latest web technology. There’s no software to buy or install. Just log in with your favorite browser and go! Windows, Apple, desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones; all work with Modulus. Use one module as a stand-alone node, or snap together multiple units for larger configurations.

Modulus Features by Series

Modulus Series Modulus I/O Modulus Comm Advanced Comm Module
Serial Communications Yes Yes Yes
USB Ports No No Yes
Universal Inputs Yes No Up to 8
Analog Inputs Yes




Up to 8
Analog Outputs (20mA) Yes No Up to 4
DIO/HSCCounters Yes Yes 4DIO
Digital Inputs Yes Yes Yes
Digital Outputs Yes 1 FET Yes
Optional Mesh Radio No Yes No

Optional Internal Radio

1/4 W or 1W 900MHz

No Yes No
Optional Cellular No Yes No

There are many different versions of each of the modulus series. To find the right one or combinations for you, take a look at the Modulus Selection Guide.

Viewpoint III

Viewpoint III

Touchscreen HMI Panels

Viewpoint III industrial touch screen HMI panels are browser based devices that are compatible with ICLs graphical Web User Interface (WUI) and textual Mobile User Interface (MUI).

They can be used with both Modulus and Scadaflex II series controllers, as well as legacy Pinnacle and Sentry series controllers. Viewpoint III HMI panels are available in 7", 10", and 15" configurations (measured diagonally). The 7" and 10" panels have a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, while the 15" panel has a resolution of 1024 x 768. All three sizes include a pressure-sensitive resistive film touch screen interface that eliminates the need for a separate keyboard or mouse.

Viewpoint III HMI panels come from the factory pre-configured and ready to run with ICL controllers. The configuration settings can be edited to match varying system installations that do not use the controllers with their default settings.