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Mica Controls is a Solution Provider that can help you optimize the DCS architecture for your project, including assessing the SCADA Protocol and HMI Interfaces utilized.

Mica Controls is a solutions focused supplier of measurement, automation and safety systems equipment for optimizing your existing facility, or helping you with your new green field facility.  MICA can also help you migrate your legacy Siemens Moore APACS/Quadlog to a current and more advanced DCS architecture. If your old APACS or Quadlog system is giving you a headache, Mica Controls can help you upgrade it to a modern DCS architecture using DMI Monarch migration software, reducing your project cost, and duration.

Additionally, Mica Controls' expertise in various SCADA protocol will make sure your operation has the most advanced DCS architecture and HMI interface network topology available. Your SCADA protocol in conjunction with your Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system is responsible for providing you with critical information, so you can make the best decisions about your business. The various components of your automation system, including the DCS architecture, the SCADA protocol, and the distributed HMI interface or Human Machine Interface, can have a drastic effect on the success of your project.

Mica Controls knows that efficiency is a key component to a successful operation, and that is why a modern HMI Interface and network topology is important. Modern HMI Interfaces can be connected to the internet for offsite monitoring and logging. These advanced HMI developments have made older systems obsolete. Some of the new HMI developments include rugged enclosures for high reliability in hostile environments, providing data for operations staff, where it was not available before, enabling your operations team to sharpen your companies competitive edge.

Mica Controls knows what a DCS control system is and what a SCADA system can do for you; it's what they do best. Whether you are extracting and refining oil or controlling a water treatment plant for a city, Mica Controls wants to bring your DCS architecture, HMI interface and SCADA protocol in to the 21st century.

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