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There is a Better Way

For close to 14 years, we have provided cost-effective solutions and products to some of the top organizations in the world with our unique blend of knowledge, pragmatism, and customer service.

You face a new financial reality; you’re being asked to do more with less. We’re here to help. We continue to push the boundaries of our thinking about what improvements we can bring to our customers. Why? Because we care about your success.

There is a better way, trust us. It begins with MICA.

Product Applications

We choose our Manufacturers carefully and make sure we are distributing products that we believe in. Take a look at the success that our manufacturers have had all over the world. 

Mica Solution Stories

Mica Controls not only sells products, but we engineer and create solutions for your more complicated or larger projects. 
Take a look at some of the larger projects we've been a part of and how we've been involved, beyond our product distribution.