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Experience. The Difference.

The difference between success and failure in your operation is razor-thin and you and your team constantly feel like you’re behind the 8-ball.
Being asked to do more with less is the new normal. The path to improved operational efficiencies and compliance for your project doesn’t need to break the bank.

Process Safety Services

Prevent devastating incidents

With MICA's Process Safety Services, prevent the most devastating incidents in your facilities. With a range of quality and impact based risk assessments, merged with unique engineering and support, it's time to implement process safety processes and procedures.

Operational Technology Solutions

Manage, Monitor and Control Your Industrial and Commercial Operations.

Cyber Protection, Remote Access and Control paired with Network Security are an important asset to your industrial and commercial operations. Get the right Operational Technology Solutions to drive change in your operations.

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Build and Manage Secure Two-way Networks

You need a platform to build and manage your network so your operations can work remotely and securely. Trust in MICA's IoT solutions to provide a network infrastructure you can depend on.

Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Manage, Monitor, and Control Your Complete Waste Water System

From your lift stations to your waste water treatment plant, Mica provides Cyber Security, Wireless Remote Access, Monitoring, Call-outs, Data logging, Integrated UPS, and Control in a simple ready to use NEMA 4X enclosure.
No engineering. No integration. No software. No maintenance fees.