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Cyber Protection, Remote Access and Control paired with Network Security are an important asset to your industrial and commercial operations. Get the right Operational Technology Solutions to drive change in your operations.


Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

IoT is the next step in merging diverse technologies including wireless topologies, leveraging the internet, locally installed HTML 5 servers with FTP, native RTU and PLC device drivers and imbedded control with advanced calculation capability.

These Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can be used to enhance legacy systems, with no software to buy and no remote hosting fees.

Application Stories

MICA Controls provides a variety of solutions for a wide of range of applications. For an in-depth review of various applications view our library of application stories to learn more about PLCs, HMIs, motors, drives and more!

Automation System Development

With over 25 years of experience in the Engineering of Instrumented Control Systems including DCS, PLC and IoT based solutions. MICA's scope includes; communications network, controller and I/O system architecture, control strategy development, system implementation including control narratives cause and effects matrix development, QA, testing and commissioning.