ICL has been providing low-cost SCADA solutions for over 36 years. ICL latest product release consists of a series of IoT products. IoT is the next step in merging diverse technologies including wireless topologies, leveraging the internet, locally installed HTML 5 servers with FTP, native RTU and PLC device drivers and imbedded control with advanced calculation capability. This technology enables companies to remote view and control assets with low-cost IP cameras adding efficiency to the operation. These IoT solutions are provided with security features including data encryption and access control. ICL is a SCADA company that has developed revolutionary new products that provide all the features of a classic integrated SCADA system in one compact hardware package, for a fraction of the price of traditional solutions.

These solutions include: universal I/O, wireless IO, integrated UPS, low/no power required, builtin data logger, alarm call out system, digital interface to legacy equipment, integrated reporting, FTP client & server functions, cellular, spread spectrum and mesh connectivity options, redundancy, security, host system functionality (HMI), camera integration and plug-and-play wiring.

They can be used to enhance legacy systems, with no software to buy and no remote hosting fees.

  • ICL SCADAflex
  • ICL Modulus
  • ICL Alarm callout systemsx
  • ICL HTML 5 servers
  • ICL cellular and spread spectrum wireless solutions
  • Tosibox