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BMS, Burner Management Systems

MICA was asked to review several fired heater applications used in a complex integrated process. Another combustion company had recommended a solution that would increase downtime, and make the process more difficult to operate, while costing a fortune to implement. MICA’s solution was implemented using the clients typical project process safety procedures, minimized changes to existing equipment, while improving process reliability, and meeting certification requirements.

Municipal SCADA, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

After a clients Municipal SCADA project failed to launch three times over a three-year bidding cycle, MICA was asked to provide an alternative solution that met the operational requirements. MICA was able to deliver the SCADA system turnkey, in half the time typically required for less than 1/3 of the cost expected. MICA has been working with several municipalities to provide automation and SCADA solutions that were not possible before, due to significant cost savings available due to using fit for purpose technology.

HIPPS, High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems

After failing to receive a proposal offering cost certainty for a simple HIPPS application, the client searched for HIPPS Experts and found MICA based on referrals. MICA was able to quickly provide a turnkey fixed cost proposal, and deliver two systems under a very tight time frame, while helping the client through the registration process and process safety lifecycle management of the installation.