A VoIP gateway, a.k.a. analog telephone adapter (ATA), is a networking device that converts a traditional (legacy) phone signal (analog or digital) into a (digitized) packet-based, Internet Protocol (IP) communication stream. The gateway serves as the conversion point between Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) telephone network and an IP-based network such as the Internet or private corporate LAN or WAN.

VoIP Gateways can support numerous use cases (application scenarios) to enable IP telephony implementations. A media gateway may provide several types of bi-directional conversion, including Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-to-Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and TDM-to-SIP. Some high-end models may even provide such session border controller (SBC) functions as transcoding, security firewall, failover, and others.

smartnode 4140E

Industrial & Military-Grade Rugged VoIP Gateway

SmartNode SN4140E

The ruggedized SN4140E Industrial VoIP Gateway series is ideal for delivering Voice-over-IP telephony for outdoor phone, industrial VoIP, and tactical communications systems in outdoor or environmentally exposed environments where heating and cooling cannot be controlled.

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All-IP Session Border Controllers

SmartNode SN5540 eSBC + Router

The SN5540 is the perfect choice for All-IP applications where legacy, non-replaceable analog equipment has to be integrated into a UCC environment.

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Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) & VoIP Gateway

SmartNode SN200

Connect with confidence using the SmartNode SN200 Series, legacy telephony equipment to nowadays common SIP trunk and hosted services

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Analog High Density Gateway

SmartNode SN4740

The SmartNode™ 4740 VoIP Gateway provides 16 to 128 analog FXS (FXO coming soon) interfaces to connect phones, fax or PSTN trunk lines to your All-IP based Unified Communication system such as SIP Trunks, IP PBXs, Hosted Solution, etc..