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General purpose drives. Cost competitive, user-friendly inverters for rugged, reliable control.
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Dedicated HVAC drives. Easy-to-use, robust inverters dedicated to fan and pump control.
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High performance drives. Excellent usability, high performance inverters for advanced motor control.
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PC Software

Simplifying drive commissioning and parameter backup


IP20 variable speed drives

  • Compact, robust and reliable general purpose drive for panel mounting

  • Internal filter saves cost and time for installation. 

  • Simple installation with DIN-rail or keyhole options


IP55 variable speed drives

  • Reduced cable costs using IP55 rated drives are protected from low pressure water jets and dust so can be installed in-situ, using minimal cabling.

  • Increase safety by keeping live parts enclosed and are more ergonomic, with accessible and easy-to-use on-drive controls.

  • Reduced complexity by installing drives closer to motors without need for special cabinet.


IP66 variable speed drives

  • Working in high pressure water jets with tough ABS case and corrosion resistant heatsink gives total reliability in wash down applications.

  • Simple control switches models include a potentiometer for speed control; power switch with safety lock.

  • Total reliability in dusty, harsh environments allows the IP66 rated drives to be located exactly where needed.

  • Safe and easy to use with intuitive touch panel controls allow fast drive set up and adjustment and the lockable power switch option provides reliable machine lock-off during maintenance.