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Automation & Safety Solutions

What is Functional Safety? Over the years, following a long list of industrial disasters, and loss of life, society and industry aligned to reduce the acceptable risk to humanity in industry by the implementation of an international process safety standard. The IEC 61511 standard for Functional Safety; Safety Instrumented Systems for the process industry sector.

Safety Instrumented System (SIS) are systems composed of process measurement sensors, logic systems, and final elements that respond to hazardous process events and bring the process to a safe state automatically.

The IEC 61511 standard is a clear path to the design, verification, and validation of SIS.

Over the years MICA Controls Ltd has developed an extensive library of templated solutions to safety applications in the process industry, following the IEC 61511 standard utilizing our registered Functional Safety Professionals.

MICA Controls can help you define the requirements, and quickly implement the correct solution quickly and efficiently.

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