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Increase productivity while lowering costs.


Over Pressure Protection solutions that achieve compliance.


Burner Management Systems



Experience. The Difference.

The difference between success and failure in your operation is razor-thin and you and your team constantly feel like you’re behind the 8-ball. Being asked to do more with less is the new normal.

The path to improved operational efficiencies and compliance for your project doesn’t need to break the bank; but it does need a new way of thinking.

It also needs a partner that takes a consultative approach to understanding your business requirements. It needs a partner that can bring world-class thinking and solutions to the table. A partner that can help you to future-proof your operation. A partner that cares about your success.

That partner is MICA Controls.

We don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions; we believe in doing things right, and in doing the right things. That’s why we are able to improve your productivity and lower your total cost of ownership.


Seeing is Believing

Our vast range of solutions and products serves a diverse set of industries including oil and gas, civil infrastructure, manufacturing and industry automation, utilities and more.

We’re proud of the work we have done with our customers, and we’re even prouder when they tell us how much it has improved their operation. Our experience and expertise are your strategic advantage in your pursuit of improved productivity, compliance attainment and lower costs.


“Working with the MICA team has been a huge benefit for our site. Their broad engineering knowledge combined with their commitment to ensuring we have a safe and reliable design for our end users (fit for purpose) was exactly what was required for project success. The team is always transparent with their work, clearly explaining the design basis and sharing relevant past experiences that support the decisions. Will definitely include them in future projects.”

- Nigel