One software. Endless possibilities.

BCS Tools in short:

  • Development, debugging, configuration, simulation and commissioning in one software.

  • Based on CODESYS 3.5  IEC 61131-3 programming with all editors (FBD, LD, IL, ST, SFC, CFC).

  • Available in four versions - Lite, Basic, Professional and Advanced.

BCS Tools includes numerous user-friendly functions for your control and PLC programming and configuration of automation projects and contains fully integrated back-end functions, such as compilers, debuggers and variable trace. Using BCS Tools, an application can be developed, tested and commissioned without any additional tools.

Why choose BCS Tools?

  • Configure different fieldbus and real-time Ethernet​ systems​ from the same software.

  • Create modern visualization screens for operating​ modular units, complete machines, plants and​ systems.

  • Connect industrial controllers to an existing infrastructure of PLCs, DCS, servers or​ cloud systems.

  • Administer the entire control landscape from a secure cloud-based automation server platform.


Features of BCS Tools

BCS Tools is a CODESYS-based IEC 61131-3 development system for programming intelligent automation devices. BCS Tools offers a variety of user-friendly engineering functions to make your development process faster and more efficient. BCS Tools is an all-in-one tool supporting the entire process from engineering though commissioning and maintenance.

automation cycle

The BCS Tools development system

BCS Tools conforms to the IEC 61131-3 standard and provide practice-oriented and standardized application programming for users from all industrial sectors. BCS Tools additionally integrates comprehensive possibilities for high-level language programming. Many functions support users of different programming levels in all development phases

  • Project tree for structuring project configuration e.g. to divide the entire application into objects and tasks.

  • Configurator for integrating and describing various devices and fieldbus systems.

  • Editors for typical application development in all graphical and text-based implementation languages defined by the IEC 61131-3.

  • Functions for continued project engineering, such as linking of existing C code, integrated 3D visualization or interfaces to other software systems.

  • Compilers generating lean and powerful machine code. Debugger, simulator, and SoftPLC (as trial target system) for direct user testing of the created applications.

BCS Tools Versions

BCS_Tools_585x400_push_2020_lite (1)

BCS Tools Lite

The limited, free version of the software.


BCS Tools Basic

Covers the vast majority of requirements for the vast majority of applications.


BCS Tools Professional

For users with exceptional support needs and/or unlimited I/O requirements.


BCS Tools Advanced

For users with further support needs and/or unlimited I/O requirements.

Automation Server_585

Automation server

BCS Tools featuring the CODESYS automation server is the Industry 4.0 platform for professional automation. The automation server uses conventional web technologies to simplify typical tasks of automation engineers that are very difficult to solve.