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NEW! Modulus


Modulus Selection Guide
Modulus Brochure

Digital Input / Output Modules

DI-24 Discrete Input Modules
Discrete Input/Output Modules 1608
Discrete Input/Output Modules 1212
Discrete Input/Output Modules 2004

Combo Input / Output Modules

Combo Input/Output Modules (w/ 8 process analog inputs)
Combo Input/Output Modules (w/ 8 universal analog inputs)
Combo Input/Output Modules (w/ 4 isolated analog inputs)

Communication Modules (2 DIs)

Serial Communications Module 2110
Mesh Radio Module 2110
900 MHz 1/4 Radio Module 2110
Spread Spectrum Radio Modules 2110
Cellular Communications Modules 2110

Communication Modules (20 mA Als)

Serial Communications Module 1120MA
Mesh Radio Module 1120MA
900 MHz 1/4 Radio Module 1120MA
Spread Spectrum Radio Modules 1120MA
Cellular Communications Modules 1120MA

Communication Modules (V Als)

Serial Communications Module 1120V
Mesh Radio Module 1120V
900 MHz 1/4 Radio Module 1120V
Spread Spectrum Radio Modules 1120V
Cellular Communications Modules 1120V

Communication Modules (R/thermistor AIs)

Serial Communications Module 1120R
Mesh Radio Module 1120R
900 MHz 1/4 Radio Module 1120R
Spread Spectrum Radio Modules 1120R
Cellular Communications Modules 1120R

Advanced Communication Modules

Advanced Comm Input/Output Module (Comm only)
Advanced Comm Input/Output Modules (w/ 8 process analog inputs)
Advanced Comm Input/Output Modules (w/ 8 universal analog inputs)

Wiring Panel and Power Supply

Field Wiring Panel FWP4
Field Wiring Panel FWP4- For Comm Modules 1120MA
60W Power Supply Modules

NEW! Scada Flex


Scadaflex II controllers are 100% web based for both configuration and user interface. No applications are required other than any standard web browser. They are easily supported by remote access over the Internet or a cellular link.

Scadaflex II controllers support industry standard wired communications using Modbus, DF1, SNP, and Ethernet IP protocols along with Ethernet-Serial bridging for Modbus or any other protocol. Each Scadaflex II controller has both analog and digital, inputs and outputs, sufficient for pumping stations, irrigation controls, and other similar process monitoring and control applications. They can also serve as communications concentrators and protocol converters that enhance the operation of existing PLCs and process equipment.

Downloadable PDF links:

Wireless Ultra Low Power Remote I/O
Packaged Remote I/O Modules
Packaged SCADA Controller - SC1
Packaged SCADA Controller - SC1

Sensor Options

Scadaflex II Ultrasonic Level Sensor Option
WATERMARK Soil Moisture Sensor
GPS Module

NEW! Radio Path Study Survey


A GPS Radio Path Survey is reliable low-cost means of checking design choices and verifying the layout of a SCADA radio system, before a single piece of hardware is purchased and installed.

Based on GPS latitude and longitude readings taken at each proposed site, computer software with digital topological maps is used to evaluate the radio systems performance. The software takes into account the performance of the radios, the choice of antennas and cables, and the antenna heights. This information is analyzed against the terrain and sites identified by the GPS data to determine the radio signal strengths and “safety” margins.

Using a GPS Radio Path Study helps to ensure reliable radio system operation under a variety of changeable “real world” field conditions such as weather and foliage growth.

Downloadable PDF links:

GPS Radio Path Survey Data Sheet

Plug and Play SCADA




Downloadable PDF links:

Plug and Play SCADA