Any system to any system migration solutions, allowing you to choose the DCS you will live with for the next 10 to 15 years.

EMPHATEC designs I/O interface/adapter products (MiBRIDGE®) that allow new advanced control platforms to replace legacy Process & Automation Control Systems, while making use and bridging over to, existing field wiring.

I/O Interface/adapters can be DIN rail mounted, rack-mounted and if necessary designed for installation into wire ducts. Customized cables connecting adapters to new system I/O, completes the package solution.

EMPHATEC has developed Migration Systems for:

GE Series Allen-Bradley
Modicon Honeywell
Siemens/Moore APACS & Quadlog ABB – DCS
Bailey – Network 90 / Infi-90 Westinghouse – WDPF DCS

Why you should use wiring I/O Interface Device/Adapters

  • Switching the wiring to new I/O is generally not complex but is very time consuming and prone to human error, when re-wiring.
  • In many installations wiring may be 30+ years old and very brittle. Every lifted wire can add the risk of delay to a project.
  • The labor involved in re-wiring can sometimes increase the cost of a project to the point where the project cannot be justified.
  • In some systems, the older I/O is failing and causing production issues. Upgrading I/O and not re-wiring is a solution.
  • Most process applications are continuous and operations cannot tolerate long outages.
  • I/O Adapters are innovative control migration solutions that help to mitigate the risk and cost of Control System upgrades.
  • I/O adapters are designed for a new Control System phase-in under short shutdown installation schedules.
  • The best reason to use Adapters and not to touch the wiring is because “if the wiring isn’t broke, don’t fix it”!

I/O Adapter - Bridge to a (new) Control System

  • The cable (ref: Figure 3) has C2 at the adapter end and C3 at the new I/O card end. C2 connects to the MiBridge® adapter card. The Adapter connector is either an IDC type (22AWG wires, suitable for 2A / Channel) or Weidmuller B2L type (18AWG wires, suitable for 6A / Channel & includes shroud/strain relief).
  • Emphatec provides the I/O adapter card that accepts the customer’s existing I/O connector and acts as an interface between the I/O connector and a cable to the new I/O card.


I/O Interface & Adapter Module Examples

Honeywell - IPC 620 - MiBridge Control Migration Solution (Chasis-Mount)

honeywellAPACS & Quadlog DIN-Rail I/O Adapter


  • DIN Rail is installed onto the wall plate within the control cabinet
  • APACS / QUADLOG I/O Adapters Bracket is mounted onto the DIN rail and the APACS field connector positioned in the bracket
  • APACS / QUADLOG Cable Adapter is attached to the APACS field connector
  • Adapter cables are connected to the PAC System specific I/O.

A cost-effective migration solution designed to easily replace APACS/QUADLOG I/O Racks, allowing plant control to migrate to a new control system platform.