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Simplify. Inform. Protect.

N5 Sensors's mission is to keep people safe from environmental hazards through a cloud-connected ecosystem of smarter sensors and by leveraging the endless possibilities of shared data and AI.


N5SHIELD™ is a wildfire and air quality detection system that reports real time data to emergency services

Wildfire, and poor air quality resulting from wildfires, are ever-present hazards in local communities. N5 has developed a unique, ground-based sensor system that can quickly and accurately detect fire and air quality.
The system consists of individual sensor nodes that are powered by a solar rechargeable battery. These sensor nodes are able to "see" and "smell" a fire, keeping watch 24/7. Each sensor node includes the most advanced gas, particulate, and IR heat sensors, which are able to detect fire up to 2 miles away within minutes. The sensors push data to the cloud using cellular or radio connections, with satellite and wifi options coming soon. Firefighters receive access to a map and real time push notifications when fire is detected, helping local fire departments and emergency response teams respond faster, saving lives and property.


  • Multi- Sensor Fusion for Fire Signature Detection

  • Cloud-Connected Platform for Seamless Integration of Different Sensors – Wildfire, Wind, Lightning, Soil Moisture

  • Powerful Edge and Cloud AI

  • Use Cases – Wildfire Detection, Air Quality, Protection of Infrastructure, Chemical Security – All Enabled Via AI

  • Integrated Device, Data, and Decision Management Tool

  • API Based Access for 3rd Party Integration and data sharing – Wind, AQ, Satellite, Camera

  • Fast detection of wildfires (minutes).

  • Patented SPH™ sensors combined with AI enable accurate detection.

  • Intuitive dashboard and push notifications provide real-time, actionable insights.

  • Multiple communication options work in all locations

  • Solar rechargeable battery operates up to 7 days without sunlight.

  • Low maintenance, and easy to install and use.

  • Advanced software features enable air quality monitoring and detection of unexpected chemical events.