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CopperLink Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Extenders

.PoE solutions can breathe new life into circuits previously deployed for such traditional non-IP applications as RS232/485 HVAC and building automation controls, alarms, CCTV, analog phones, intercom speakers, and others.


SmartNode Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP Gateways can support numerous use cases (application scenarios) to enable IP telephony implementations. A media gateway may provide several types of bi-directional conversion, including SIP-to-TDM and TDM-to-SIP. Some high-end models may even provide such session border controller (SBC) functions as transcoding, security firewall, failover, and others.


Fiber optics is a mature, proven technology that streamlines the world’s rapid data transmission needs across network lines. In contrast to copper infrastructure, which simply can’t keep up with current real-time transmission requirements and heightened levels of security, fiber is built to last. These breakthrough solutions are not only able to handle the technology needs of today, but are also primed for tomorrow’s innovations.


Surge Protectors and Interface Converters 


Patton Cloud

Gives you the power to Empower and Simplify Edge Services, Host Telephony, SIP Trunking, Security and IoT Cloud Connectivity using the Cloud to make those Services easily deployable, manageable and accessible.