Network Security paired with Cyber Protection and Remote Access & Control, are an important asset to your industrial and commercial operations.

Get the right Operational Technology Solutions to drive change in your operations.

SCADA System Development & Support

With over 25 years of experience in the Engineering of SCADA Systems, MICA's scope includes: communications network, wireless infrastructure design, path studies, controller and I/O system architecture, control strategy development, system implementation including control narratives cause and effects matrix development, QA, testing and commissioning.

HMI Software & Hardware

Beijer's Canadian representative for more than 10 years, MICA Controls is a key supplier and implementation specials for HMI interface and control solutions.

Industrial Networking & Security

MICA deploys complex mission critical layer three redundant edge networks on fibre-optic media in complex control system applications for industrial networks.

Industrial Ethernet PoE Applications

Ethernet based products designed with ruggedized, environmentally hardened packaging for use in facilities subjected to extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, chemicals and vibrations, as well as electrical noise.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation delivers awareness and insights for traffic management and efficient use of infrastructure. It enables users to be safe, informed and coordinated. 

IoT Communications

 IoT is the connection of highly distributed physical objects, which have embedded electronics, computers, software, sensors or actuators, to the internet for the purpose of collecting and exchanging data for monitoring and control.

Access Control and Surveillance

Integration of access control, communications, and security

PA, Paging, Notification & Intercom

Communications from your facility to your control center with a push of a button

Legacy Voice Connectivity

 Connecting legacy Digital or Analog TDM PBXs, Key Systems, Phones, Fax Machines and other traditional telephony devices to an IP, VoIP or Unified Communication network or system.

Professional Audio-Video

Pro-AV systems are proliferating in presentation rooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls; command and control centers and now with digital signage on about any wall.