Redundant high availability and mission critical layer 3 highspeed fiberoptic, hardware, and wireless hardened industrial networking equipment.

Westermo offers fault tolerant networking architectures, in a small package, that includes advanced software tools for deploying and managing networked devices remotely. 

Useable in:

  • Mission critical applications such as high availability control,
  • Safety applications such as SIS, HIPPS and BMS,
  • critical monitoring application in pipelines, shipping, and military applications
  • and more


Build layer 3 networks across the internet with plug-and-play internet VPN solution with local cellular, ISP, and wifi security.

During Covid-19 lock downs, MICA not only commissioned Five (5) SIS applications remotely and securely with the help of Tosibox, we also taught our customers how to do it themselves. This equipment is easy to deploy, secure, and provides a great way to provide long term support for automation system deployed anywhere.


Beijer Cloud VPN

Safe secure remote access to industrial automation equipment. With a cloud dashboard for centralized user and customizable view of real time and historical data and alarms.

MICA has helped customers go from the stone age of sending people to site for basic commissioning of packaged equipment, to the jet age of deploying IoT enabled systems, with remote commissioning and remote long term support, with multi-client accessibility, to user customizable cloud based data displays. Simple, and easy, it’s time for you to stop the tail from wagging the dog, let them know how you want to execute your project, reduce commissioning and support costs, get the most out of your automation team.



Low-cost industrial networking, Ethernet, Wifi and Cellular technologies.

One of the lowest cost cellular modems available, and rugged low-cost control industrial network switches, meet the technical and commercial demands of most applications.


Bayshore Networks

OT Access, OT Fuse, Netwall complete portfolio of cyber security solutions.

Do you have PLCs or RTUs that need to provide data to more then one company, while maintaining cyber security over both control networks?  OT Fuse is a security computer that allows for interconnecting two control networks, it can learn acceptable communication commands and data ranges and provides deep inspection of data commands at the packet level, on multiple industrial control protocols.  It can even detect out of range commands and prevent them from being acted upon.  We have implemented this technology between pipeline control systems PLCs, and Midstream RTU tie in points.



Industrial VOIP

Have you ever wanted to dial your operator or field maintenance technician, right to their coverall mounted hand set, in Ft McMurray from your phone in Calgary or Houston? Have you ever wanted to collaborate with a field tech while remote accessing a piece of control technology via your secure remote access device?
We have implemented a solution so site support can be provided on demand and real time. Wireless Handset VOIP integration allows multi plant operating companies to centralize high value operations and engineering resources. This is a real game changer, improving response time while reducing costs.