Patton IoT Communication solutions define the infrastructure, technologies and protocols used to connect IoT devices to each other, gateways and cloud platforms.

 Another way of implementing IoT, rather than going cellular, is to reuse your existing copper infrastructure by using Patton's technology to implement your solution.

smartnode 4140E

SmartNode products provide IoT Gateway service that support MQTT and other IoT messaging protocols with seamless connectivity over any access network, including Copper and Fiber Ethernet, xDSL, Private and Public Wireless broadband or legacy dial-up modems.

These solutions provide IP connectivity to legacy IoT devices previously communicating over the PSTN via dial-up modems or lease line circuits, even V.150, enabling modems to communicate over IP/SIP networks and to connect to modern IoT Clouds.

Finally, the Smartnode lineup supports IPsec VPN Tunnelling for SCADA/Management Traffic and Remote Management including multi-WAN redundancy and out-of-band management access to IoT devices via the Patton Cloud


CopperLink Ethernet Extenders

Delivers ethernet-connected IoT devices over low-voltage wire at long distances, far beyond the limits of ethernet.

FiberPlex products offer fiber transport solutions for IoT devices presenting RF, Ethernet/IP, SCADA, Serial Data, Contact Closure/Actuation, Video and other interfaces.

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