HIMA created the programable electronic safety system (PES) in 1986 and requested that TUV develop a methodology for testing and certifying PES. HIMA’s only business is manufacturing SIL 3 capable programable safety systems and SIL 4 hardwired safety systems. Mica has supplied over a hundred HIMA safety systems in Canada. HIMA SIS’s are providing process safety for HIPPS, BMS, compressors, gas plants, refineries, chemical facilities and nuclear power facilities in Canada.

HIMA pipeline leak detection solutions complete the portfolio of safety solutions offered. HIMA FlexSILon PMC Hybrid provides completely integrated leak detection and mitigation through integrated PLC’s, RTU’s and safety systems.

  • HIMA HiMatrix SIL 3 compact SIS
  • HIMA HiMax SIL 3 SIS
  • HIMA HiQuad SIL 3 SIS
  • HIMA Planer SIL 4 SIS
  • HIMA FlexSILon PMC Hybrid Pipeline Leak Detection