Waste Water Management

Mica Controls offers low cost and scalable PLCs perfect for waste water management!

In a typical waste water plant developers are brought in to give you the lowest cost solution. Unfortunately, this usually also comes at the cost of quality, and with it, the risk of an inability to integrate the solution properly into a management strategy.

With Beijer's solutions comes the ability to continue to offer the lowest cost solution while providing important features such as remote control, cyber security, direct digital integration of variable frequency drives, and redundancy and remote I/O options for high availability to keep your plants working securely, safely, and at it's best. Mica can help connect you to advanced call out systems and remote access systems to allow you to operate and maintain the systems remotely, while still keeping your costs low.



Why you should replace your old PLCs with G-Series:

G-series allows for distribution of control and I/O, where it needs to be, throughout the plant within the junction boxes typically used to land field instruments.

A typical system architecture for a waste water plant:
The PLC is centralized in one group of cabinets and then cables are run up to junction boxes around the plant. The cost of the cable and wires in a plant utilizing this solution can often times exceed the cost of the control system. 

If we can reduce the wiring, by distributing the I/O to where it needs to be, the cost of building and maintaining a plant can be decreased significantly over its life.

How Beijer helps you reduce the cost:
Mica Controls can help with the aid of the G-Series or the Nexto Xpress. Mica can guide you down the path of implementing a highly distributed solution maximizing direct digital interfaces to VFDs. This integrated solution will provide your operators with the data they need, wherever they are located. Your maintenance staff will have the tools to easily troubleshoot and expand the system, without process interruption. All while reducing your total installed cost.

The solution:

  • maximize distribution of control utilizing remote I/O,
  • connect all remote I/O junction boxes together via ethernet network,
  • integrate the ethernet network into X2 Pro 15 for control interface
  • integrate Beijer Cloud VPN for remote operations and maintenance with embedded cyber security

this will vastly help your plant work at its most efficient while saving you money, time, and working hours.

Nexto Xpress


The Nexto Xpress is the small plants version of the G-Series. If your plant is in a smaller municipality the Nexto Xpress is for you!

Variable Frequency Drives

BFI Inverters

Another key benefit of Mica's architecture, with the decrease in wiring, is that remote junction boxes can connect to variable frequency drives. Beijer offers Beijer Frequency Inverters (BFIs) in a range of horse power (~0.5HP-350HP).

When a VFD is integrated into your control package you can greatly simplify the cost of building your system. VFDs eliminate the need for a recycle valve, a primary valve (to control flow through pumps), and a motor control station, with the functionality to perform these tasks on it's own.