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Each ZEECO® ProFlame™ and ProFlame+™ model is easy to configure, simple to set up, and uniquely designed for safer operation in hazardous or nonhazardous areas.

ProFlame_Model ZPF-130_ZEECO_Graphic2


  • Compact, integrated, and reliable; no external flame amplifier needed
  •  LED flame status indicators
  • Quick-connect adapters allow retrofit of any other major manufacturer’s scanner
  • Vortex cooling jackets available for high-temperature environments


Designed for smaller applications and offers an adjustable flame relay pull-in time, service dipswitch, adjust dipswitch, and raw flame signal measuring pins for advanced troubleshooting and signal analysis.


Zone 1 hazardous


Zone 2 hazardous


non-hazardous areas


Designed for larger applications and has similar features to the ProFlame, with more intricate tuning to discriminate a target flame from a background flame, additional flame relay dropout time, separate flame-on and flame-off threshold settings for the frequency components of the flame signal, and a PC software interface.

ZPF-1100UV & ZPF 1100IR

Zone 1 hazardous

ZPF-1200UV & 1200IR

Zone 2 hazardous

ProFlame+ SRU Scanner

Specifically designed to provide reliable flame detection and superior background flame discrimination in SRUs. ProFlame+SRU converts electromagnetic radiation into a measurable thermoelectric quantity and corresponding thermal signature in accordance with established laws of physics.

ZPF-1200SRU & ZPF-1100SRU

Specifically designed for SRU applications
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