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Industrial Relays and Controls for Your Electrical Panel Requirements

Macromatic-alternating relay (1)

Alternating Relays

Used in redundant load applications to equalize run times. These relays can also be used to run multiple loads simultaneously when additional capacity is needed.

Macromatic - Current sensing relay

Current Sensing Relays

These relays protect sensitive and expensive equipment against over- or under-current conditions. Choose mounting configuration and then select from a variety of functions, time delay settings, and output configurations

macromatic - general purpose relays

General Purpose Relays

Small profile General Purpose Relays make the best use of panel space in applications with space restrictions. Side-by-side mounting simplifies installation and wiring. 

macromatic-intrinsicaly safe

Intrinsically Safe Barrier Relays

These relays provide a safe and reliable method to control loads with input device located in a hazardous area. 

Macromatic-liquid level control-1

Liquid Level Control Relays

Detect and control levels of conductive liquids in pump up or pump down applications

macromatic-three phase monitor relays

Three-Phase Monitor Relays

Continuously monitor voltage faults to protect motors and other equipment from premature failure. Retain indication and monitoring even with phase loss.

macromatic voltage monitor relays

Voltage Monitor Relays

Over/Under Voltage Relays protect equipment against either an over- or under-voltage condition. Voltage Band Relays protect equipment that is required to operate within an upper and lower voltage limit.

Macromatic-seal leakage and temperature relays

Seal Leakage & Temperature Relays

Monitor shaft seals on submersible pumps. Over Temperature & Seal Leakage relays protect pump motors against damage from both conditions

macromatic-time delay relays

Time Delay Relays

Encapsulated designs are compact, low-cost, and resistant to the effects of harsh environments. DIN-rail mounted timers are easily installed, saving space and installation costs.

Macromatic-percentage timer (1)-1

Percentage Timers

The PTA Series is a microprocessor-based Percentage Timer that delivers reliable and accurate timing for critical applications where a repeating ON time of a fixed length cycle must be adjustable.

macromatic-reset timers

Reset Timers

Microprocessor-based Rest Timers provide accurate timing for critical applications. Encapsulated enclosures ensure reliable operation in harsh environments.

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